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KRF Keramos Radio Frequency

KRF Keramos Radio Frequency.

Day Lifting for skin rejuvenation.
Radiofrequency that carries out a real skin rejuvenation process, stimulating the functional activity of fibroblasts and helping to improve skin elasticity and tissue permeability.

KRF activates three fundamental interactions with dermal structures:

  • Epidermis: strong increase in cell turnover.
  • Dermis: stimulation of fibroblasts with production of collagen and elastin.
  • Hypodermis: stimulates thermosensitive receptors contributing to the reduction of localized adiposity.

Essentially: rejuvenates, firms up and reshapes.

Actions and results: eliminates liquid stagnation and improves microcirculation conditions and tissue oxygenation; smoothes out wrinkles; performs important drainage; intervenes on tissue reoxygenation.