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Shapinpulse Laser Liposolution

Shapinpulse Laser Liposolution.

Guaranteed results in only two sessions.
An innovative technology that specifically counteracts fat deposits on the abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs and arms. A treatment with a strong but gentle action on the skin, with guaranteed results in just two sessions. This non-invasive treatment consists of remodeling specific areas of the body, particularly those that have undergone significant skin relaxation. Through an intense lipolytic and draining action on the treated area, this technology produces a lifting effect and significantly reduces body fat and the orange peel effect caused by cellulite.

The devices used for body remodeling work by radio frequency, ultrasound, infrared and massage. The technology of Shapinpulse Laser Liposolution is entirely made in Italy: thanks to this innovative device you can obtain the same effect of an aesthetic liposuction and remodel the body in just 30 minutes.
The treatment has immediate effect and is customizable. One session is enough for the mildest imperfections, two for the most relevant ones./p>