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This total body massage was born in California in the 70’s. It was conceived by physiotherapists, masseurs and psychotherapists to help Vietnam veterans overcome the emotional trauma suffered during the war. In this very enveloping massage, the massage therapist does not have to remove the hands from the client, starting from the tips of the feet to the skull and face and involving the hands as well. Ideal for general relaxation after a particularly heavy day, or simply to treat yourself to a special moment during the day. It benefits the muscles, the immune system, the blood circulation, giving a complete psychophysical well-being.


Edward Bach, a homeopathic doctor, foresaw that some flowers transmitted unique therapeutic virtues through dew.

Bach Flower massage is an extremely relaxing massage that starts from the head, goes down to the face, passing to the cervicals, abdomen and hands, descending on the legs and ending at the feet. It gives immediate benefit because it can activate the parasympathetic system and stimulate the production of serotonin, the hormone of well-being, through the vibrations of the flowers and the manipulative technique used. To get the most out of it, a session of Keope is recommended before the massage.



The Vodder lymph drainage massage method aims to promote the drainage of lymphatic fluids, reducing stagnation through the stimulation of lymphatic circulation. It is a very light manual massage, but with extraordinary functionality. It always starts from the head to stimulate the main lymph node points, and then continues the massage in the areas of interest.

It gives immediate relief to heavy lower limbs, helps in the reduction of cellulite, it is also recommended in cases of venous insufficiency and in post-operative procedures. Very useful also for discharging lactic acid after training.


This type of massage involves manipulation techniques aimed at dissolving muscle and/or tendon tension in post-workout.


This massage aims to restore a psycho-physical balance, strengthening the defenses, fighting the oxidative stress suffered by the cells and thus freeing the entire body from accumulated tension. Skull and face are massaged for at least 15 minutes, then the body and back to the head again. Extremely relaxing, an excellent spin-off to regenerate body and mind.


Myofascial massage involves a specific technique to release the tensions accumulated between the muscle bundles, stretching and consequently relaxing the contractures which overlap between muscles and tendon fasciae, resulting from incorrect postures or movements,.
This is a strong massage because the massage therapist has to use an important pressure and this can cause a momentary pain, but it gives a lot of relief. For this reason we do not recommend a total body but we suggest a zonal massage to work on the affected area.


It is a very pleasant complete treatment and represents one of the most practiced massage techniques. In fact it gives a feeling of deep and complete well-being as it aims at psycho-physical relaxation. Relying on the hands of our professionals is the best solution to defeat stress, anxiety states and possible somatization that these emotional discomforts create in the body.


Antioxidant action massage. Inspired by the holistic world and its many benefits, it allows to restore a perfect energetic balance between body and mind for an extraordinary physical and mental well-being. It relieves pain, stimulates a better venous rhythm, regenerates the tissues, stimulates the lymphatic system and the improvement of arterial circulation, also contributing to the elimination of toxins from our body.


It is an oriental foot massage, it gives great benefits and results on the whole body: well-being, relaxation, reduction of swelling, elimination of toxins and improvement of blood circulation. The various deep manual actions allow an effective drainage of excess liquids and reactivation of the circulation. You can notice a strong reduction in swelling of feet and ankles as well as an extraordinary feeling of lightness and relief of calf tension from the first treatment. According to traditional Chinese medicine, this massage is revitalizing and able to restore balance.